Kismet Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Kismet Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Our brand new Kismet Integrated Amplifier is essentially a Candela Tube Preamp and a Kismet Stereo Amplifier in one chassis. By combining the two units together we are able to do a 100 % dead-on matching and voicing of the different stages. By avoiding additional cables and having the stages this close together, the result is breathtaking.

All of the virtues and technical specifications of the Candela and Kismet stereo amplifier are retained in this design. There are very few “hybrid” integrated amplifiers on the market today, and we just don’t understand why when clearly, a tube pre and a solid state power stage are the best of both worlds.

This Kismet Integrated has an external power supply, with each stage being fed by its separate transformer stages. As for the amplification stage, the same 600 + VA unit is used. In addition, Groneberg Quattro Reference cabling is used to interconnect the separate power supply via gold tipped XLR connectors.

For the case design, it is the same aircraft aluminum billet machined process that we use on all Kismet electronics. However, this case is more time consuming to machine, and it takes a documented 14 hours to do so with the CNC machines. In addition, the time to build and finish a Kismet Integrated with all electronics etc. is another 16 hours. Thus, each Kismet Integrated has a total of at least 30 hours of production time !

As with all Odyssey gear, it is 100 % hand made in the USA.

  • Price: 3,600 USD

  • Options:

    • All Products: Anodized Faceplate only + $75.00 USD
    • All Products: Complete Product Chassis anodized + $99.00 USD
    • All Products: Faceplate only 24 K. Gold or 99.9 % Silver plated + $195.00 USD
    • All Products: Faceplate only pure 100 % Platinum plated + $250.00 USD
    • Remote control volume operation + 150.00 USD
    • 2nd pair of preamplifier outputs + $50.00 USD

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