Kismet Reference

The Kismet Reference Amplifier

With Kismet Reference Amplifiers, Odyssey has achieved a massive improvement over the excellent Stratos line, creating true reference components.

Kismet results from years of tweaking and development, with fanatical attention paid to sourcing quality parts, relentless internal measuring, and careful component matching. Countless hours of listening have gone into refining the Kismet’s sound.

The casing is completely billet machined from aircraft aluminum. Each case requires a minimum of 13 hours of machining time. Add another 10 hours + for all hand labor to complete each amplifier, and one can see that this is indeed a labor of love.

Kismet’s achievements in communicating the pure emotional content of music, producing true three-dimensionality, as well as fast, dynamic representations without grain, harshness, or fatigue, are very rare at any price.


Kismet Reference Amplifiers – Key Features:

  • Ultra fast and ultra expensive Symphonic Line Caps
  • Stereo version 2 x 160W / 8 Ω
  • Mono version 1 x 200W + 1 x 200W / 8 Ω
  • Ultra high current designs
  • 19″ x 19″ x 6″
  • 60 lbs each / 27 kg each


  • Stratos Stereo and Khartago Stereo: Conversion to Mono amplifier with the Purchase of an additional amplifier. Free of charge.
  • All amplifiers: Custom bias for your system prior to purchase. The customer has to provide system information to check feasibility. Free of charge.
  • All Products: Anodized Faceplate only + $75.00 USD
  • All Products: Complete Product Chassis anodized + $99.00 USD
  • All Products: Faceplate only 24 K. Gold or 99.9 % Silver plated + $195.00 USD
  • All Products: Faceplate only pure 100 % Platinum plated + $250.00 USD
  • Stratos Stereo: Upgrade to 120,000µF (Plus model) from basic model with 60,000µF + $125.00 USD
  • Stratos Mono's: 2nd pair of loudspeaker outputs for bi-wiring or tri-wiring option + $50.00 USD
  • All amplifiers: Binding post-upgrade to the top of the line WBT Platinum series + $100.00 USD

Component Checkups:

Peace of mind. Whenever you feel that a check-up is necessary. Check on bias, offset, connections, and power supply. Only for Registered customers. Free of charge.

Warranty: 20 years for all parts.

Labor is inclusive for the first 2 years, and after that time period, we'll be charging a shop rate of $20/hour for registered customers. The above-indicated shop rate applies to all repairs that are not covered under the terms of the standard 20-year warranty for all registered owners.

Kismet Reference Amplifier

“Now strings simply melt one’s heart with their lovely smoothness; female vocalists radiate all those subtle cues of feminine allure, and images have a good deal of weight which contributes to a better sense of three-dimensional volume…”



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