Massive Racks

Odyssey Audio Massive Racks

$950 USD & Up

For years, we have searched for audio racks that deliver superior sound, top-notch build quality, and affordability while pleasing the eye. Well, no such luck.

Most of the better quality racks are in the $4,000 – $6,000 range. Having our own CNC and Wood Shops, we decided to design audio racks for ourselves. The results were so fantastic that we decided to go into production, wholly sourced in the USA and crafted in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Our massive racks have aluminum stock legs, cut to a custom length. They are then heavily machined to incorporate inner bracing for 1/2 connecting rods and possible sand-fills. Then all-metal is hand brushed and anodized. There are dozens of custom colors available.

Odyssey Audio Massive Racks
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