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To discuss your needs and learn more about Odyssey Audio products or to place orders in the USA, please contact us by phone or email:

Phone: 317.299.5578 / Email:

We offer our customers a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy. Audition our products in your home system for one month to make sure you love them. If you’re not blown away by their performance for any reason, we offer a full refund. You would only have to pay for the costs incurred by Odyssey – shipping and small credit card reimbursement fees.

As a service to our customers, there is no restocking fee at all. Still, with customizations, we might have to charge for the labor for any reversals thereof. The driving factor for this policy is the desire to serve you, the customer, in a much better and more value-oriented way. Nobody is more knowledgeable about Odyssey products or committed to them than us. 

Online shopping offers remarkable convenience and information to consumers. For all that, we feel that personalized service and an awareness of each customer’s unique needs can get lost online. We truly love to be in direct contact with our customers, offering them the greatest possible personalized attention. 

We love to talk audio, and we’re glad to guide you through the jungle of seemingly infinite system choices. Recognizing synergy as the most critical factor in any system, we too often see less expensive systems outperforming those costing many times as much. 

By going factory direct, we’re able to give you opinions based on our decades of experience in the high-end audio industry instead of being sensitive to the brands available at your local dealerships. As with all components, there are different shades of synergistic matches. We have the experience and/or feedback from hundreds of different components matched with our products. We are happy to offer you our expertise for free when talking to you.

Synergy or system matching is the single most crucial aspect of your music system. Another major factor is the price difference. By selling factory direct, we’re able to pass on incredible savings to you, the customer. Odyssey products have been truly outstanding in their value and price/performance ratio. When you add in our factory direct pricing, the “bang” for the buck is silly-awesome,” to quote one of our customers.

Money-back guarantee. We are proud to offer you great-sounding, products with outstanding build quality. If, in any case, you are unsatisfied, we offer a no-questions money-back guarantee. There are no restocking fees. 

Shipping charges, credit card fees, and any third-party expenses are not refundable. Custom order changes are not refundable.

Trade show specials and/or specially sourced custom parts: we cannot accept these items’ returns. For these orders, deposits are not refundable, nor is the cost of sourced custom parts.

Phone: 317.299.5578 / Email:

6731 West 79th Street Indianapolis, IN 46278, U.S.A.

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