Worldwide Sales

Odyssey products are available worldwide in 100-120v and 220-240v versions. To date, we have sold our products in 47 different countries. By selling factory direct worldwide, we can guarantee a very similar product cost for customers globally. 

To offer the best pricing and service possible, Odyssey ships via FedEx, eliminating many of the headaches associated with international shipping for our customers. 

In select markets, we are proud to have local representation for Odyssey products. Please note that delivered product prices will be somewhat higher for sales outside of the USA than our US advertised prices as our partners incur shipping costs and import taxes. Due to our agreements with these partners, the final price for customers in these markets is identical to the shipment cost directly from Odyssey in the US. 

Customers in countries not listed below will be serviced by Odyssey directly from the USA. In either case, we are proud to offer the same high-quality audio products for all of our customers at the same base price anywhere in the world. 

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