Symphonic Line

Symphonic Line – Imported from Germany

Since 1989, we have been importing and distributing Symphonic Line into the US. The love of these gorgeous and ultra-high performance units has been the main reason for us to get into the high-end audio business. We had to spread the word about these stunning components.

Symphonic Line products are truly a labor of love for the world-renown designer Rolf Gemein. He can easily be described as one of the few true high-end audio pioneers. As early as the mid-’70s, he experimented with then-revolutionary design aspects such as different internal cables, different types of solders, the influence of resonance control in the amplifier chassis, etc.

In 1979, intent on the quest for the perfect musical “illusion,” Rolf started Symphonic Line. Since then, his incredible ear, his tweaking and tuning abilities, and complete devotion to music have produced phenomenal international success – born out by dozens of product-of-the-year and best-at-show awards.

It is common for high-end manufactures to change their product line every year to increase profitability. Unfortunately, too many fellow manufacturers use this marketing and sales technique, which is inherently unfair to the customers.

On the other hand, Rolf Gemein’s relentless pursuit of excellence and his philosophical approach of “evolutionary maturing processes” of his designs produced truly world-class products such as the classic RG 1 and the Kraft- Reference series of amplifiers, the Erleuchtung tube preamplifier, and the RG 8 Gold cartridge, all hailed as the very best in the US, Europe, and Asia.

We invite you to check out the German site Please contact us if you have any questions about the Symphonic Line.

Symphonic Line - Imported from Germany
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