Hand-made in Indianapolis, IN., Odyssey amplifiers are customizable according to your specifications. We can match a configuration with your components for the maximum possible system synergy. Your listening preferences are also part of the equation. Do you prefer jazz, rock & roll or classical? Like your music a bit to the warm, musical side or with greater detail and accuracy? There are 70+ configurations available.

Klaus will take the time to understand how you listen to music and build a customized amplifier(s) within your budget. Based on Germany’s famous cost-no-object Symphonic Line amps, Odyssey also offers superior engineering and top-quality parts.

We know of no other high-end manufacturer that offers this level of value, customization, and personal service. Odyssey has received many years’ worth of rave reviews and awards from the audiophile press. Countless visitors to Odyssey rooms at audio shows can attest to experiencing superb sound – even under the less than perfect conditions encountered in a hotel room. As many of us have less than ideal listening conditions in our homes, this is important.

Marketing experts today realize that a satisfied customer is one of the greatest assets a business can have. We understood that thirty years ago, and our goal has never changed – for our customers to be so blown away by the quality and value of what they’ve bought that they can’t wait to tell everyone about it.

Awards for Odyssey Audio
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